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Feed Digest : Mix, convert, and syndicate RSS and Atom feeds

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Feeddigest is finally released and it has all the features I’d been waiting for. It’s like RSSmix and Bloglines in one. You can combine feeds and there’s an interface where I can see and control all my mixes. There’s even a built-in online feed reader. When the statistics feature comes into play, Feedburner will have a competitor.



  1. I came along here just now as I’d just remembered about your London thread and how you were waiting for the new version, but it appears you beat me to the news, so thanks! :) Regarding statistics, I can’t wait, it’s going to be fun. I have some basic stuff running, but it needs to be really sweet for the users. My next focus is on getting RSS and Atom (especially) output totally standards compliant so that its output is totally dependable, and then we can start getting people to try it instead of FeedBurner. There are also a few other technologies I want to get in there before that stage, and then the heat is on ;-) So, it’s a work in progress, but keep watching. Thanks again!

    Comment by Peter Cooper — 30/7/2023 @ 2:06 am

  2. It’s really brilliant, Peter. Thanks for making it!

    Comment by Tim — 30/7/2023 @ 3:01 am

  3. First blog mentions

    I’ve deliberately kept Feed Digest on a slow burn in terms of promotion till now. Making sure everyone who signs up ends up with a working digest has been key, along with ironing out any last minute bugs that didn’t appear during the beta …

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  5. I thought I’d give Feed Digest a try. A ton of people have been tagging Feed Shake lately, but when I checked it out I found it to be, well, not all that great. This one looked to be a bit more promising, at first anyway. But on several occasions I was getting “Application error (Rails)” messages. Not good. I have the feeling they are getting slammed with a lot of requests right now and can’t cope with it. Oh well, wait for it to mature a little more I guess.

    In case anyone is listening:

    1. Submitting a URL for autodiscovery caused this — my own feeds and perfectly valid everything.
    2. Submitting a RSS URL from the same source worked.
    2. Submitting my user details also caused a Rails error, and on returning to the site it remembered my login, but not the digest.


    Comment by Douglas Clifton — 31/7/2023 @ 12:07 pm

  6. Doug, unfortunately you tried Feed Digest at exactly the wrong time when a slightly buggy build was up. Regarding traffic, RSS Digest is totally overloaded, but Feed Digest is on a new setup and running extremely smoothly. Promo has deliberately slow to avoid overload and it can take 100x more traffic easily right now. It was just a buggy build.

    Regarding the autodiscovery, that’s very much in beta. It works with most formats, but, unfortunately, not with yours (relative URLs). This is easy to fix though.

    It’s early days, I’m a single person, and I have $0 in the bank for this project. This is no dot com company like all the others ;-) Alas, people don’t want to invest in the UK, so it’s all off my own back in my spare time. So.. all this stuff takes time :) If I had a few mill in the bank though, those other guys would be toast.

    Comment by Peter Cooper — 2/8/2023 @ 8:16 am

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