Here's something else for the Malaysian newbies to get pissed off about.

A-List Bloggers of Malaysia

Rank Website Page Rank Alexa Rank* Inbound Links
1 6 63,966 67,174
2 5 123,107 922**
3 5 163,541 31,448
4 4 165,926 13,724
5 5 169,978 2,027
Source: May 2005

* Alexa rank is a strong indication of the amount of traffic a website receives in relation to millions of websites around the world (the lower your ranking, the better). Based on internet usage habits of Alexa users.
** A lot of my inbound links are citations from high Page Rank bloggers.
*** No, you are still not getting in here.

Zombie Report: Malaysia, your server security sucks

Prolexic's Zombie Report has named Malaysia as the third most worm-infected country in the world per capita. Malaysia is small and easily attacked. Considering that the largest concentration of servers in this country are run out of TMNet, this is proof that TMNet admins are some of the most incompetent in the world. If you interview people with TMNet in their resume, don't hire them or you will regret it.