"The source of the inspiration for this travelogue was a Chinese man with no feet whom I met in a tram station in Hong Kong. Whether it was a bump from the blind lunchtime crowd or a poorly-treaded wheel, his wheelchair toppled over. The newspapers he was hawking at the station and his bowl of change scattered everywhere. He struggled immensely to get himself up and upright his chair, but not before attending to his papers and folding them neatly. With the greatest dignity, he did not ask for help nor were any of the people in the station moved to offer him a hand. Here in the land of mirrored sunglasses and reflective office windows, one man was unabashed in his display of the human spirit to overcome social rejection and the harshest of existences. I thought surely such a thing could not, should not pass without notice, without someone to say, 'Here. Here is what it means when we say: I can! I shall! I will!' I made my way through the crowd just as he managed to sit himself up. Then he looked up at me, surprised at first that someone would offer assistance. As the emotion welled up in his eyes, he spoke four words that I will remember forever: 'Get off my hand.'"

In other standard acclaimations that ought to bore the bits off you: I am left-handed. 5' 10". iBook owner. Fingernail cannibal. Freelance copywriter. Non-smoker. Watch 20+ movies a week. DVD piracy supporter. Timex fan. Muay thai trainee. Read nothing but Shel Silverstein. Can bend my little finger all the way back. Resident of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Will have sex for food.

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