I'm sorry you feel this way. My response can be found at:
and mine at http://www.alphaque.com/article.php?sid=332

enjoy !
alphaque [dinesh@alphaque.com] • 06/13/03 12:18am
heheheheh Interesting
Suresh Gnasegarah • 06/13/03 02:33am
ole ole ole ole ole....... i thought i was the only one who thought like this,... and turned back to support Aiz's PPS.... but now that you've said it...hmmmmmm
fooji • 06/13/03 12:10pm
gosh tim... do you have sand in your vagina? cuz it makes someone really grumpy and all you know. *gosh*
Count me in!
ain • 06/17/03 10:01pm
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