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Saturday September 18

Google Accounts

Your Google account will ultimately provide universal 
access to all Google services that require you to sign 
in. Your Google account will make it easier for you to 
use all of the services Google offers without having 
to remember and enter your username and password 
multiple times. 
The initial services available with your Google account 
Google in Your Language - volunteer to translate 
Google's services into various languages 
Google Answers - paid researchers answer questions 
for you 
Google Web APIs - a tool for software developers to 
query Google automatically 
Google Groups - post and read comments in Usenet 
discussion forums 
In the future, your Google account will provide access 
to all Google programs requiring sign in including: 
Google AdWords 
Google Store 

Just like MSN Passport, only for Google. I think Gmail is already accessible using Google accounts.



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