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Wednesday September 22

Sean Ghazi sucks

I had a horrid evening last night. I had to endure a pompous ass on stage.

I was promised an evening of jazz standards and show tunes, but Sean Ghazi, the performer, spent half the evening trying desperately to impress the audience by recalling statistics on how many years he spent on the London West End and other highlights of his life. Jeezus, he can impress people who have never been to London, but for those of us who have, Sean Ghazi performs in C-list shows that are on their last days. And he's rarely the principle!

Well, at least the singing was good. Haha! No wait, can't you tell sarcasm on the internet? The singing sucked. He opened with a hamstrung version of the Tony Bennett standard "The Way You Look Tonight". And you know how you look like when you're singing to a mirror? That's how Sean Ghazi sings! His performance does not come from a love of the music, the lyrics, or a love of performing. No, he sings from a love of the limelight.

Frankly, I like my performers with slightly less obnoxiousness. Sean Ghazi sucks.


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