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Tuesday October 19

A new opportunity

There is a unique situation in Malaysia where all the ISPs have been working toward providing citywide WMANs (Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks) across the capital with the expectation of further expansion to other cities.

This availability of always-on connection presents an unprecedented opportunity for the import and development of WISIP (Wireless Internet Session Initiated Protocol) internet mobile phones. That's right: internet mobile phones.

This gives 3G phones a run for their money because of the always-on advantage of WISIP phones. In addition to cheaper local and international voice calls, this opens up opportunities for true video-telephony and the eradication of SMS in favour of messaging through P2P softwares like ICQ.

I'm currently seeking opportunities to partner with local retail companies with WISIP phone supplies from an asian provider such as China's Huawei Technologies to bring WISIP into reality in Malaysia.


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