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Tuesday October 26

BlogThis javascript

I stole this from delicious-monster.com. It is a javascript that opens up the BlogThis pop-up window for Blogger users to blog about the webpage that they are currently viewing. I have added this to all my pages.

a href="javascript:popw='';Q='';x=document;y=window; if(x.selection)%20{Q=x.selection.createRange().text;} %20else%20if%20(y.getSelection)%20{Q=y.getSelection();} %20else%20if%20(x.getSelection)%20{Q=x.getSelection();} popw%20=%20y.open('http://www.blogger.com/blog_this.pyra?t=' %20+%20escape(Q)%20+%20'&u;='%20+%20escape(location.href) %20+%20'&n;='%20+%20escape(document.title),'bloggerForm', 'scrollbars=no,width=475,height=300,top=175,left=75, status=yes,resizable=yes');if%20(!document.all)%20T%20= %20setTimeout('popw.focus()',50);void(0);"

Of course this javascript does not have a username and password built into it. It assumes that the viewer is already logged into his/her Blogger interface.


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