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Tuesday November 30

Make Love Not Spam

Make Love Not Spam 2.0 is a screensaver from Lycos Europe that when running allows you to send endless requests for data from spammers, driving up their bandwidth costs into the terabytes. In theory, this should drive them out of business. Wouldn't it be ironic if this screensaver started delivering ads? (Not yet, but how much you want to bet that someone in marketing will be pushing for it?)

The problem is: you can add spammer urls and IP addresses to the spammer list on the website, but you cannot see the screensaver working so you don't know if it is actually sending requests or not.

Question: This is a DOS attack. Isn't this sort of thing illegal under cyber laws, not the mention the cyber section of the Patriot Act????

The screensaver has a mac 10.2 version. More info at BBC Technology and The Register and at the main website. BTW, the website does NOT work with Safari.


UPDATE: You can actually see your contribution to the DOS attack. I just didn't wait long enough for that screen to appear on the screensaver.


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