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Wednesday December 15

New connection

I just got a new broadband connection at home. It took me quite some time because the local ISP's process of activating a connection includes (really!) the customer calling several of their departments in correct sequence to report that he's already called the others! Kind of very 1950s Russian.

It seems that the ISP is using their own customers as their inter-departmental communication conduit. Not very ironic, when you consider that we're also paying the ISP's parent company for our phone usage!

For the past three months, I had been using internet cafes and wireless connections at Starbucks for my internet. I ended up spending about RM200 (USD52) every month for coffee, whereas broadband costs only RM66 (USD18) per month.

The only unpleasant thing about this situation is that now I am overwhelmingly tempted to surf for porn with impunity...


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