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Saturday December 25

Christmas binge

Too much alcohol. I started the Christmas evening at a dinner party with some friends from Slovakia and ended up drinking too much vodka in eggnog, straight vodka, vodka with wine, vodka with coke.

I hardly go out drinking. So I looked absolutely frightful.

Toward midnight, I followed Tomas the German to a party by a pool till about 2am when the condo residents started complaining about the noise we were making.

Then I ended up at a bar called Waikiki with Daniel the Swede and Diana the German. It was filled with people who had to leave the clubs in the city centre which enforce a 3am curfew. Outside the city centre, the authorities don't strictly enforce the closures. Oddly enough, everyone at the bar was Indian! Hubba-hubba! Almost no one knows but I have this thing for Indian girls.

More vodka, more whiskey and more beer tilll 6am.

I certainly don't celebrate Christmas with a dinner with family which all the Europeans do. So for them, this was certainly an eventful Christmas compared to their usual observance.


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