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Saturday January 08


Anyone need an Orkut invitation? i just joined.

BTW, it's true what they say. Orkut is stuffed with Brazilians. Every bloody thing is in Portuguese, so much so that half the communities have a "Please speak English" clause in their descriptions.

Jezus. Even the Malaysian community got invaded by Portuguese-speaking Brazilians.

A close second is the Pakistani/Bangladeshi crowd. I'm certain the word Orkut must feature in the Koran somehow...

Incidentally, they have Filepile group there. Woohoo. I feel so l33t.

But Orkut is having massive server problems right now. I keep getting logged out or I reach a dead page. It took me half an hour to join 10 communities ... and then another half to unjoin them when I realised I had to read either Portuguese, Hindi or Tamil.


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