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Monday February 21

Invasion into Paris Hilton's addressbook

Oh great. Someone has just posted on the internet all the details from Paris Hilton's personal addressbook. No detail was masked. All the phone numbers and email addresses of hundreds of people are now on the internet. I think there's something terribly wrong with people who do this. It does not benefit them and it benefits no one to display all this. It's an invasion of privacy of all these people and they did nothing wrong and nothing to deserve this.


you are a huge pussy.  she didn’t fight it when a tape was released of her being rammed in nightvision because it actually made people watch her shitty tv show.  her entire career is based on personal info leaking to the internet.  without it, she has nothing.

Posted by: z-eke on Feb 21, 05 | 9:25 am

Therein lies the irony. It wasn’t her personal information that’s posted all over the internet. It’s everyone else’s. Ok, there are her diary entries too. But the point is, if she were the only one who was targetted then it would be only be information directly related to her (her diary entries) that would be posted. As it is, hundreds of people most of whom are not public figures have had their privacy invaded for no good reason.

Posted by: Tim on Feb 21, 05 | 9:31 am

It makes me think it could have been a stunt she pulled without thinking of what she was doing, once it’s out there isn’t much you can do, although the Secret Service is apparantly working to pull down websites with the details posted.

Posted by: Mitch on Feb 23, 05 | 12:48 am

I’ve read that argument often on the internet, right next to the one that says that she’s an attention whore and deserves it. But nothing justifies why anyone should take the bait and post all that information about OTHER people on the internet. If you wanted to target Paris Hilton, fine, there’s plenty of things in her diary to amuse everyone, not to mention the compromising photos. But her address book with the numbers and email addresses of everyone who was not involved? Come on. That’s just a bit too much.

Posted by: Tim on Feb 23, 05 | 2:13 am
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