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Friday February 25

Test of relevancy for news media sites

This Wired.com article suggests that a news media site's linkability is one of the key factors affecting its relevance to the internet and the blogosphere. The more people link to a news media site, the more popular Google judges it to be. And Google indexes more pages of news media sites that are popular.

So one of the ways to test the relevancy of a news media site to the internet and the blogosphere is to count the number of pages that Google has indexed. Here's my table of them. (I have no idea why Yahoo News has so few pages indexed -- perhaps because of its Google News rivalry?)

Name of news media siteURLIndex count
People Daily (China paper) http://people.com.cn/ 2,390,000
BBC News http://news.bbc.co.uk/ 2,260,000
Slashdot http://slashdot.org/ 2,240,000
The Guardian http://guardian.co.uk/ 1,570,000
CNN http://cnn.com/ 1,370,000
New York Times http://nytimes.com/ 1,230,000
Reuters http://reuters.com/ 806,000
China Daily (China paper) http://chinadaily.com.cn/ 782,000
Times Online http://timesonline.co.uk/ 704,000
Washington Post http://washingtonpost.com/ 675,000
Salon http://salon.com/ 507,000
Time Magazine http://time.com/ 447,000
LA Times http://latimes.com/ 420,000
Fark http://fark.com/ 396,000
Yahoo News http://story.news.yahoo.com/ 389,000
ABC News http://abcnews.go.com/ 258,000
Fox News http://foxnews.com/ 239,000
International Herald Tribune http://iht.com/ 141,000
Wall Street Journal http://wsj.com/ 91,200


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