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Monday February 28

Switching the Mac isn't for everyone

A good article summarising the sort of people who should not switch to a Mac. It cites that the target group for Mac switchers are those who are tired of viruses and spywares on Windows. However, the author seems to think that the Mac has less of this because it has better security. Fooled you, suckah! The real reason is because programmers couldn't be bothered to come up with Mac versions -- they could easily do it, but the target market would be too small for the effort.

People who shouldn't switch to Macs are those who:

  1. Don't want to learn a new system and learn how to use a new mouse
  2. Don't want to spend a bit extra for Mac version softwares like MS Suite
  3. Rely on Windows-only softwares for their work
  4. Enjoy playing Windows games too much
  5. Are not pretentious poseurs
  6. (I added that last one)



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