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Friday April 08

How to get Gmail in RSS

I'm now getting my Gmail in Bloglines. Didn't used to work before because Gmail's help center's advice wouldn't work with Bloglines and Yahoo and other online RSS readers. Fortunately I found the correct URL format following a search. It is https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@gmail.google.com/gmail/feed/atom.



The only problem with this is: as soon as the mail is in the Bloglines database, it is open for everybody. I subscribe to a couple of search words in Bloglines and if one of them appears in your email, I’ll get to read that mail.

Posted by: Dominik on Apr 08, 05 | 2:20 pm

I hadn’t considered that because I’d made my subscription private. I tried searching for the words “Gmail inbox” in bloglines and I came up with nothing. Does making it private protect that subscription?

Posted by: Tim on Apr 08, 05 | 2:48 pm
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