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Thursday August 12

How to get a tan

I have worked out two theories to the successful tan. Both of them revolve around a posit I learned in body building.

The human body exerts growth with a sufficient stimulus is applied to it. In body building, this period when sufficient stimulus is achieved is called the "point of intensity".

Which method you use depends on whether you intend to fall asleep on the beach.

Method One: Slap on the minimum sun block (i.e. SPF 15) and soak rays for the whole morning and afternoon, not forgetting to turn over at noon. This is the slow burn method and has an elongated point of intensity.

Method Two: Slap on descending levels of SPF and hope to god you don't get burned before you run into the shade for a cooling off period while slapping on the next descending level of SPF. This is the slap-happy method with several points of intensity but they last extremely short periods.

I used to do Method Two, but I think Method One now has more merit in it due to the fact that I consistently get a tan, and consistently avoid getting instantaneous skin cancer. Also I manage to avoid having to lug every level of SPF from SPF 15 on down to SPF 2 in my bag


The funny thing is, that sunblocker does _not_ prevent you from getting skin cancer. It helps you not to get a sunburn that fast, but the risk of getting skin cancer stays the same.

Posted by: KnutMann on Aug 12, 04 | 6:09 pm

Yeah, like anyone listens to me about tanning.

It takes me all of two seconds to lose any tan I get.

Posted by: Tim on Aug 13, 04 | 1:27 pm
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