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Tuesday August 17

Argh! Too much protein!

I finally invested in a cheap USD19 drink mixer. I used it on Sunday night (before bedtime) for my patented protein shake. Get this: I have not taken this protein shake for months. I'd normally take cheap but effective muesli bars, 2 raw eggs, a litre of milk and yoghurt on a daily or bi-daily basis. So here I was with a tub full of the whole mix with 4 raw eggs and protein powder thrown in.

Yup, you guessed it: I got protein heart burn.

My body spent the whole night depserately digesting the mix. I just couldn't get to sleep. My body clock got totally warped and that's just going to ruin the whole week.

I'll have to take the mix more regularly to get my body used to digesting it normally. Lucikly this time, I didn't get protein fart too. (Digesting cassein protein creates wind, didn't you know?)


a wind of change indeed.

Posted by: vlad on Aug 18, 04 | 9:09 am
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