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Saturday August 28

Perhentian #2

I hate cynics. But there's one group of people I hate more. And that's stupid people.

They're living proof that the cynics are sometimes right.

Joe, who runs the Shake Shack a nice little restaurant set slightly away from the beach, is an idealist. When all the cynics who run all the other establishments on the island said,"Hey, let's double the prices during the peak tourist season! Where else are these dumbasses going to go! Hahaha!", he disobeyed and kept his prices the same throughout the year. Not that much higher than what I'd get in Kuala Lumpur for food that's usually not as good as Joe's.

But as nice as Joe is, he is a dumbass.

He rented out the half of his Shake Shack that he doesn't use to a Chinese man who runs a resort on another island for the Chinese man's bar.

The result is predictable:

Joe is one dumbass mother. I tried to talk him into opening up chalets and an internet cafe and a snorkel centre to drive more business to his restaurant. He just nods. Then goes back to the kitchen. I doubt he'll last more than the next season. The Chinese guy just wants to drive Joe out of business and take over the whole premise. Jesus, even Joe's wife can see that.


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