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Thursday September 02

Back at the gym

After a two week absence, I went back to the gym. It was good to be back.

In the changing room, I noticed a dumbass CHRISTIAN had a STAR OF DAVID tattooed on his left shoulder. I don't know what his dumbass minister has been telling him, but that is one ignorant son of a bitch.

So naturally I go up to him and say,"Shalom!" and he goes "Huh?". It took so much of my self control not to go ballistic on him and beat some sense into this dumbass' skull.

I must be in a really lousy mood to try and pick fights with dumbasses.

I really wanted to talk to Marie all weekend but I never worked up the courage. She must think I am either really dumb or that I don't like her. The problem is that it isn't her fault. I think she wants me to open up, but I'm scared when I really shouldn't be.


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