The Malaysian Blog Filter Beach polluters Scenario : you are swimming up to a beach formely unexplored by you in the past .... you feel happy and satisfied to finally be one of the only person to reach this virgin part of the beach Finally ! an untouched part of the beach !! you say to yourself. Suddenly as you feet fall the soft sands of teh beach your vision as you look down is greeted by the world famous golden arches of a used Mc Donald's box !]]> Cultural (demonhide) Mon, 30 Jun 2023 10:45 MAL Liberalisation Who, really, needs to be liberated? Who needs a change of mindset? Who needs to take crash courses in tolerance and respect?]]> Political (timyang) Sun, 29 Jun 2023 02:28 MAL A week in Paris

Simply romantic.
Cultural (Anonymous) Sun, 29 Jun 2023 02:46 MAL Streamyx problems As we know, Telekom currently has a monopoly on wireline last mile connections, and it has typically shut the door on anyone wanting to use those connections to offer services like fixed-line broadband access services. That's why we're stuck with Streamyx.

Tenaga's new plan could change all that. If the company gets a license, we could very well see it offering broadband services, besides voice, to residential users.

The competition would only do the broadband services sector good - just look at the rivalry between Jaring and TM Net on dialup access and how much better service we've received.]]>
Cultural (theone) Fri, 27 Jun 2023 02:18 MAL Photoblog link Cultural (Sonic) Mon, 23 Jun 2023 12:40 MAL Photoblog
Cultural (Sonic) Mon, 23 Jun 2023 12:16 MAL Playground Lessons ]]> Cultural (graceshu) Sun, 22 Jun 2023 07:19 MAL Real Already it has emerged that Real Madrid has a policy of taking 50 percent of any sponsorship deal their players sign while that player is under contract with the team. This means that 50 percent of any image rights deals and sponsorship Beckham signs after July 2, 2023 goes into Real Madrid's coffers. Given that the man himself has an image that overshadows better players such as Zidane and Ronaldo, imagine how much Real Madrid would be running to the bank with thanks to his good looks, pop star wife and screaming teenage girls.]]> Cultural (demonhide) Sat, 21 Jun 2023 05:48 MAL Mahathir's speech In all events, then, what is left of our fight is the intellectual and knowledge fight, and as long as we fight for attainment of true knowledge in all fields, we are fighting in the right path... hopefully, then, we will restore our pride, our honor as the true nature's gentlemen, the Malays, I mean.]]> Cultural (demonhide) Fri, 20 Jun 2023 05:14 MAL Crybaby And it all started with a fight on whose glass of orange cordial juice it was. Duh. I wasn’t about to blame the kid, she’s only three. But the mother does need a crash course on how to handle a crying - no, a screaming - child. What good does it do to scream back? Do you think that by increasing the tone and volume of your reaction, you come across as someone strict and to be listened to? You’re a mother, not a jail matron. You’re angry when the kid hurled pseudo-obscenities but little did you realize that she was just mirroring you. What does a kid know but what she’s being taught of?]]> Cultural (theone) Wed, 18 Jun 2023 03:24 MAL Next target On the London tour double decker bus I met a Jordanian man in his late 40s who is a surgeon. He told me that one of these days the US is going to 'attack' Malaysia most probably after Syria and that will be after Iran. I asked him why. Trying to remember the name of some companies the man asked me, "what are the names of the companies that Malaysia had purchased from the UK?" I said, "well namely Lotus, Wessex Water and a couple more". "OK that makes it even sooner," he said.]]> Cultural (theone) Wed, 18 Jun 2023 03:20 MAL Floods of KL Cultural (demonhide) Mon, 16 Jun 2023 03:37 MAL MPPJ tactics Just recently his restaurant was closed down by the local municipal council. The occasion that triggers to this is the accident which happened in front of his restaurant. Yes, it wasn't Jamal's fault but prior to the accident he received more than 10 compounds from mppj. mppj just wanna show that they are doing something about the accident, and Jamal is paying the price. I wonder what happen to the bitch who rammed her car into the poor victim who died in the accident. Why the fuck has no one ever mention about her carelessness?
Cultural (demonhide) Mon, 16 Jun 2023 02:51 MAL 5 Days 4 Nights Cultural (minishorts) Sun, 15 Jun 2023 12:43 MAL