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Selling my soul
I'll be interviewing with Leo Burnett's planning director next week for the position of account planner. An account planner is the function in an advertising agency that develops consumer-based strategies, maintains accountability of the advertising campaigns and helps define insights into consumer behaviour through consumer research. The guy is from India and seems to have some trouble speaking English. I wonder if he can speak Malay. In any case, I probably know more about conducting consumer research and ad-campaign accountability than he does, but what will he make of that?

I am also interviewing with Albert Lim, my old boss at Peter Beaumont, tomorrow. The job will be senior copywriter and will pay several times more than the account planner post. If the interview with LB doesn't satisfy me, I shall take up the Peter Beaumont post. It will be menial labour that won't tax my brains, but I'll need the money to convert into Canadian dollars to stay in Toronto for a couple of months next year to look for more satisfactory account planner work.

posted at 01:26:05 AM on 06/26/2001 by timyang - Category: General


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