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Two Fridays ago, I took the 1.20pm from Bournemouth to London, Waterloo Station. I don't usually take this route because I'd just take the coach to Victoria Station in London. The coach takes about half hour longer to get to London and costs about half the price. But you don't get to observe people like you do on trains.

There are probably three hundred people on board the train at any one time, most of whom will be commuters, except for the odd few like myself. Commuters know where their journey will end and what they will do there. Safe in the knowledge, they can eat, drink, sleep, chat on their mobile phone, read the papers and do the odd bit of paperwork.

Hmm. What's my point? Actually I don't know. I thought I had one. But I'm just writing some nonsense to fill the space and give me an excuse to display some photographs I took on the trip.

I shall have a point soon. But for now, it's time to show off what little photography skills that I have.

By the way, if you do have some art history training or knowledge thereof, would you please help me identify this woman? She is part of a tapestry I got in Brussels. The woman at the shop said it was a tapestry rendition of a painting, probably famous. But she didn't know by whom.

Oh wait, look I've a bit more space and some time to kill. Here's another photo that was taken in London.

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