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In Brussels, the littlest mob-run city
The statue of the pissing boy or 'Manneken Pis' in French. It is actually less than two feet high, believe it or not. And the Belgians stupidly dress it up in all kinds of idiot costumes in an ill-thought attempt to make the statue more interesting. Why can't they just fucking leave it alone!Was in Brussels yesterday and I met with Sharm, eventually.

She and her current boyfriend Serge showed me around town. Brussels is a really small city. You can't walk more than 5 minutes without bumping into someone you know. Not me of course, Serge and Sharm, I mean.

Brussels is also a really mixed-up city. It's liberalism gone mad.

They allow almost anyone in who wants to be there. It's gotten to the point that you can't tell who's a tourist and who isn't. There are some good points and bad points. The one most relevant to Serge is where architecture is concerned. He pointed out on several occasions when in a single view, you can see a mix of four or five different types of architectural styles jammed together in one block. It was a very jarring and horrible effect especially after coming from culturally homogenous Paris.

The issue most relevant to other residents of Brussels, as Sharm says, is the crime level. We were discussing her ex-boyfriend who owed the mob money and on one occasion had a gun pointed to his head in the middle of a crowded restaurant. And apparently this sort of thing isn't uncommon in a section of downtown Brussels called '1000 Brussels'.

The humans rights activists are so powerful in Brussels that as soon as the police catch anyone, they're released because by a hu,an rights lawyer who argues that it is the fault of society not of the individual. The police are powerless in this city to enforce its laws! Ironically, Brussels had at one time constructed a a huge law court called 'Palais de Justice et Place Poelaert' to emphasise its commitment to justice.

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