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Going back to work
There are a number of issues to consider before going back to work in Malaysia.

Lack of training in the advertising industry. The industry still uses tools such as the unique selling point. It will mean that I will get a lot of blank stares if I were to mention that the ubiquitous Porter's Value Chain would be a useful analytical tool to evaluate an organisation's marketing-readiness.

Lack of critical analytical thinking. This is related to the fact that very few people have attended university where training in methods of critical thinking is administered. This means that during planning stages of advertising campaigns, assumptions will be made without fully considering all the issues at surrounding the marketing situation. I will have to slowly introduce critical analytical thinking to my colleagues. This won't be easy and I will be accused of being argumentative since analytical thinking requires debate.

Lack of motivation to improve on current tools. This stems from the lack of awareness of other tools, a lack of motivation for accountability and from a lack of critical analytical thinking which might be used to create appropriate and relevant methods of planning advertising and marketing. If I were to suggest new methods and tools and strategies, I will be accused of loading more work on people who want to leave at 5pm.

Lack of managerial support for progressiveness. This stems from the penetration of the old boy network in upper management which views any new methods of planning advertising and marketing as threatening to their position. I will thus be accused of rocking the boat.

I cannot win. I hate my life.

Well actually nothing in the issues suggest that things cannot improve with slow and steady injections of training and making alliances with colleagues who have had some college training.

So it is possible for things to improve in the advertising industry in Malaysia. I shall have to play a massive catalytical role in the process. It will help that I am a recognised senior player in the industry. But if I accept my role, it will mean no sleep for me for the next twelve months. Sigh.

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