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New camera
Just got a Fuji Finepix 2400 today. It's a decent digital camera. Been taking some snaps on the beach since it was a very nice day. But I came across one problem immediately. The 2400 requires a steady hand for a couple of seconds while it creates the digital image. So almost all my photos have motion blur on it because I was doing an indiscriminate snap-and-go test run of the camera.

These photos were taken at 1pm in the afternoon as I walked along beach. More photos here.

Mother and child. A carefree child plays in Bournemouth Bay while her mother looks on.

Lonely ship. A single ship lazes on the water of Bournemouth Bay, overlooked by wisps of clouds and the Isle of Wight on the right.

The spire of St John's Cathedral. Framed by the blue sky and the greenery of Bournemouth Square gardens.

Beach front property. These are some of the beautiful and new houses built along the beach with a gorgeous seaview. For sale signs hang on several of the second-storey balconies -- the prized summer getaways for couples and families on house-share schemes. I was almost run over the road while crossing it by the couple whose car you see in the foreground. They were so anxious to move into their new summer home, before I could ask them how much they paid for it, they had slipped into it. I reckon, you could steal these for just �210,000.

Mmmm... beach bunnies.

Beach cliffs. Covered by the violet and yellow flowers of summer, these cliffs have seen countless invasions from Vikings first, then the Saxons and in World War II, hundreds of small ships filled with soldiers escaping the slaughter of Dunkirk beach. I was attracted by the surrealism of the juxtoposition of the wispy sky and the texture of the cliffs.

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