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Fat woman
The cafe was crowded yesterday so this really huge woman in a dirty striped and faded t-shirt with a walkman sat across from me. She was red and sweaty from the heat. She was so fat, for a moment I thought her stomach was going share the table with my greasy eggs and sausage breakfast. I couldn't help but think of a close-up shot of a pregnant farm pig lying on her side that I saw in National Geographic.

Sert brought her order and it was a salad and four slices of buttered bread. I remember thinking,"Lady, eating that salad ain't going to help your health. Why don't you order that hamburger you're thinking of." And then before she ate her salad, she did something I hadn't expected. She emptied half the salt shaker into her salad.

That's when I lost my appetite and returned my plate to Sert.

posted at 05:41:01 PM on 06/01/2023 by timyang - Category: General


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