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Used to be that the naming convention for household cleaning products eluded ever not so delicately to their efficacy and benefits of having things so clean they would make a cat jealous. As if the purchase choices people make are based on the strength of the fluids contained therein and not "My, oh my, what a lovely shade of blue!"

In any case, if you look carefully enough as you are shopping at Carrefour, that menacing bastion of French superiority in all things supermarket-ey, you'll find on one of their elegantly apportioned shelves a most curious product named Glassex.

It is an invention of a fevered mind that must have also squeeked out the slogan, "Glassex - Gets your windows orgasmically clean!"

Of course, if it really had had such a slogan, its biggest customers would be all the old kampung men who'll probably be slopping generous helpings of it in their evening mug of tongkat ali and pickling themselves at the same time as putting funny thoughts in their heads about the dog next door.

A similar thought had occured to Thor, a bookshop-owning friend of mine, who yesterday afternoon yelled to his wife upon picking up a bottle of Glassex for the first time.



posted at 02:55:52 PM on 09/22/2003 by timyang - Category: General


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