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Not another Talk like a pirate day post.
No seriously it isn't.

But the local pirates of the VCD variety have been pulling out all their old stock since the Home Office decided to tell the Malaysian Recording Industry to fuck off. Since the announcement of the new enforced lower prices, my VCD vendor tripled the number of his display cases to move the stock faster.

He's brought out some really cool stuff like some Charlie Chaplin shorts, and some of my older favourite movies like Mash, Das Boot and Sneakers. But Das Boot for some reason is perpetually on the sellers list, despite the fact that it's not your typical thriller - it's in German, it's three hours long and everyone dies in the end. Oh damn, didn't mean to say that out loud.

Seems like the pirates are trying to shift more VCDs before the new prices take hold. Surely their market would dwindle, but as long as the government-sanctioned VCDs are censored, higher-priced and six months too-late-to-the-shelf, there will always be a strong market for VCD pirates.

Go pirates, go!!! Arrr!!!

posted at 03:51:03 PM on 09/21/2003 by timyang - Category: General


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