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Friday August 13

Hey, dude, where's my bus?

I ran out the store at exactly 10.30am today and my bus was nowhere in sight. I'd left all my stuff on it. I ran to the ticket master and asked him if he could call the bus driver and have him turn around. Instead, he managed to get me a lift from another bus driver and told him to take me to the next stop where my bus would wait for a few minutes to pick up more passengers.

Funny thing was I was thinking at the time that I should have told Grace and Jasmine, two South Korean girls who were on lay-over to Seoul after spending a month and a half in Turkey, that they ought to try and catch the early bus. Bus tickets tend to disappear very quickly in small towns. But I didn't. So I hope they manage to figure out to head for Ipoh, the next major town, and grab a bus to KL from there instead of waiting round for a direct bus to KL. Seems buses also have a tendency to disappear quickly around here.

I was just in the shop to pick up a few interesting items. It was a naval surplus shop -- Lumut, the town I was in, is the home of Lumut Naval Base. I got a Submarine Corp cap and a army belt. I've always had a thing for submarines ever since I watched Das Boot.

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