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Saturday August 14

International party

Went to another of the international parties last night at Roman's apartment. I spent part of the evening talking to Andreas from Namibia. He was telling me about Namibia, the bushland and the desert, the diamond mines, and his father's 700 head of cattle and about the winter problems they have with inadequate heating for them. I got an open invitation from him to Namibia's Independence Day celebration next February, tentatively at the Hilton in KL.

I was tempted to ask if he had an investment plan and needed some funds to free more funds from government jurisdiction... but I kept quiet about that. Good thing too. Because Namibia, I quickly realise, is not Nigeria...

I also got the numbers of Marie, a Swede who is interning at Sweden's trade commission in KL. And I got the number of Martin, a Swedish student in KL who wants to intern at the trade commission. I spent half the night trying to convince him that he could pad his resume with skills (which he didn't have) like "fluent Malay", until Marie had to spoil it by telling him that the Swedish trade ambassador does speak Malay. Darn.

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