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Thursday August 26


I am currently at a beach on the east coast called Cherating. I've been here three days already and will probably be here for the next three more. I was on Pulau Perhentian, a little island in the north for the last weekend. Then I moved south on Monday, staying overnight at Marang before continuing further south. I had met Claudia and Max, a photographer and a student, both from Munich, on the way and I will meet them again in KL on Monday (probably).

But Marie and her friends are due here in Cherating on the weekend. They had wanted to go to Tioman, but I suggested Cherating instead since I could already vouch for the weather here. It's warm and sunny, but it rains at night so my clothes are wet with due in the morning.

I was on Perhentian mostly because Maz wanted to be there and he had wanted me to meet him there. But he didn't turn up. Manic depressives tend to change their mind without warning. I also wanted to meet Raj, the Indian who could speak German and French fluently, but he had left the island for ten days to Penang because he had secured a short-term translator/tour guide commission.

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