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Goffice.com - online desktop publishing into PDF files

Jul 2005

Online word processing holds a particular interest for me. To think that whatever I had to do with a desktop application, I can now do within my browser is a clear sign of progress into Web 2.0. The new GOffice is a good example of this. After you set up an account on it, you can word process a document on an interface similar to Microsoft Word’s (which I think must be using Fckeditor or something similar since it can output the document as HTML) and save it as a PDF file. You can also upload your own letterheads in graphic files for customised outputs. In the future, Goffice says they’ll support spreadsheets and presentations too.

Your documents are saved in your account on Goffice, but nothing on the site suggests how much space you can use. I don’t think the owners of Goffice are too fussed over that since word processed documents by and large don’t take up much space. Goffice has a decent business plan — it partners with Amazon for hard copy print-outs and sells subscriptions for commercial use. So I don’t think they’ll go out of business.


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