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Notifyr.com - get emails on new Flickr photos

Jul 2005

This site lets you subscribe to a Flickr.com photo page, getting email notifications whenever new images are added. The main reason I really like this site is because the makers had spent some time dwelling on who will use it, why they will use it and how they will use it. It is clear from this quote:

Notifyr is built so that users don’t need to register in order to use it. You can subscribe anyone to your photo page by sending them a Notifyr link containing your Flickr page address and their email, like: http://notifyr.com/add?url=http://flickr.com/photos/baby_maggie

More often than not, I see ideas for websites that focus more on the features of the site than on the users and they lose a key opportunity for relevancy by that negligence.

Notifyr.com - get emails on new Flickr photos


  1. # Nir Yariv on July 16th, 2005

    Hi - thanks for the compliments ;-)

  2. # TipMonkies on July 17th, 2005

    Get e-mails on Flickr photo updates

    So you decided to start sharing some photos on Flickr and found some people’s photos you really enjoy- maybe they’re your friend’s, your sister’s, or just someone with a real talent for photography. Nevertheless, you want…

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