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Hacker Underground Erupts in Virtual Turf Wars

Filed under: Hackers — Tim Yang @ 6:36 pm

An interesting analysis from Newsfactor regarding the changing hacker culture that produced Zotob and other recent worms. It says there is a kind of competitiveness among hackers that’s driving each of them to be more conservative in their experimentation. They’re starting to draw less and less attention while at the same time starting to see the more strategic side of hacking.

In today’s murky world of digital viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, the idea is to stay quiet and use hijacked computers to flood the Internet with spam, spread destructive viruses, or disgorge e-mail to choke corporate systems. Not only can networks of these compromised computers be leased or sold, experts say, they are becoming more valuable as the number of vulnerable computers slowly shrinks. The viruses of yesteryear, “where something would get on your system and blow away your boot sector just doesn’t happen that much anymore.”


  1. Can someone explain to me why people want to screw up other peoples internet? Why do they get pleasure from clogging up our email accounts and messing up our systems with “worms” or viruses. It really makes no sense to me. But, you should check out associatedcontent.com. They have a list of articles on technology. There are some pretty interesting things in there.

    Comment by Lily — 24/8/2023 @ 10:34 pm

  2. Well, according to the article’s author, worms and such are not so destructive any more. Very few of them are. Spam, however, does clog our email accounts, but that’s often viewed as a different issue altogether.

    Comment by Tim — 24/8/2023 @ 11:07 pm

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