Blogging 2.0

It’s only been six months since I last wrote, but I think I know a bit about how Robinson Crusoe felt going back to England. It’s like home, but somehow unfamiliar.

I work in advertising now as a copywriter. It’s a stable job for me, pays better. I wasn’t very comfortable without a stable situation. Advertising is what I trained at university in and what I spent most of my formative years doing.

Getting back into advertising after spending a couple years working in internet brand planning, didn’t feel as strange as this. But spending more time at a desk instead of on the internet isn’t the main reason why I stopped blogging. The internet just seemed to get a lot less interesting.

A few years ago, we were all talking about web design standards and CSS. It elicited a lot of debate, new ideas, even a few new paradigms. Then it was RSS. In the midst of that, there was a lot of enthusiasm about monetizing the web for amateurs or self-employeds. And in the midst of that, there was a lot of interest in Web 2.0 and building applications for the web. There was even talk about a new browser that never lived up to its expectation.

The point is, a lot of the flurry has died down in the past year. People have moved on. Many have gone back to the drawing board, some of them in the enlightenment that if you build it, they don’t always come. Web 2.0 is now passe. And Web 3.0 ain’t no glamour puss. If I see another bookmark or meme-tagger service, I’ll scream. A recent wade through Popular suggests a lot of disparate subjects are being brought up. But nothing I’d really like to sink my teeth into. Nothing I could get behind and say Yeah! That’s really cool!

So this is me easing back into blogging. I’m looking for the next big thing. Until then, it’s going to be a bit of a link blog for a while until I figure out what strikes my interest.

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  1. rob Says:

    Tim, I’ve looked everywhere for a post on your site regarding how you’re turning rss feeds into your web posts. I happened to find you because of an inbound link from your site to mine. You re=posted a post that I made on your site. I see you’ve automated it. Very cool, but how the hell did you do that? I just want to use the same software. btw, I googled Tim Yang.. you’re a popular and busy guy.

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