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Download torrents anywhere: Torrific.com bypasses security

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Most offices and universities block torrenting into two very effective methods.

First, they employ a packet sniffer to detect when bittorrent packets are being downloaded and block them.

Second, they block all the usual ports that bittorrent clients use.

These methods still allow normal file exchange, as long as torrent files aren’t being delivered and received.

That’s how Torrific.com (used to be called btaccel.com) bypasses the usual security methods.

Torrific employs a web based torrent client. You tell it which torrents to download and Torrific downloads them to their own servers first. Then when the download is completed, you can download it from Torrific as a normal file.

Simple. You can download any kind of file of any size this way… as long your connection doesn’t time out. Which mine unfortunately does often.

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