Tim YangTim Yang is a Malaysian copywriter who works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and does web design as a hobby. This is his personal blog about stuff he finds on the internet. This text was taken from the blog of Tim Yang. If you found it interesting, please visit http://timyang.com/ or call him at +6012-3739723.
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This website is split into two blogs: the front page is the geek notebook of Tim Yang of the websites he's been to and the software he's tried. There is also a back page which is the personal blog of Tim Yang.(This website also blocks all attempts to get it from any Malaysian IP. Coming from an online culture based around IRC and ICQ conversations, Malaysians tend to be untrained in cohesive thought and their comments tend to be rather crude and rude, intentionally or unintentionally.)

Now a little about myself. I am a copywriter with an ad agency in Malaysia. Been running a blog since the end of 2000 using Blogger. I toyed with switching to Greymatter and Movabletype for years. Then I paid for Pmachine Pro in early 2004.

I am an avid traveller who has been to many places around the world using the technique of making friends in foreign lands over instant messengers and blogs first (then inviting myself over there while taking advantage of their hospitality and making a pig of myself).

I run a hosting server for Malaysians that allows me a space to experiment with website and online service ideas that I get occasionally.

I write XHTML and CSS in BBedit and I can hack PHP and javascript.

I use an iBook I got in 2002. I've been using Macs since I got my first LCIII in 1992.

I got an undergraduate degree from the Bournemouth University in England when I was 29. I know what you're thinking and, no, I was not held back. In fact I spent only two years studying, having won a year's deferment because I had several years work experience in both Singapore and Malaysia ad agencies. So there.

I am 6 feet tall (so I can look over everyone's heads when I am in a local train).

I have a decent collection of books of various themes, a collection that I’m quite chuffed to say that I’ve read a majority of. But a true book collector would say that I have merely not collected enough.

My favourite authors tell stories in a slow languid style that read like a father telling his favoured son a bedtime story. Their names are Isak Dinesen (a Danish noblewoman who lived in the first half of the twentieth century), Ethan Canin (a young American doctor who has found more cures with the typewriter and paper), Harriet Doerr (another American who lived long enough to entrance many with her tale of a life in Mexico) and Michael Ondaatje (a Ceylonese who carries the torch of English-educated authors from the Indian subcontinent).

Why do I like them? Because they make me want to write. What better compliment than the recognition of the seed of inspiration.

Likewise, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen make me want to sing. But my movie makers never make me wish I could envision films. They make me wish I could live in their stories and meet their characters.