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8/19/2003 02:58:25 PM
Romance movies
Why is it in romance movies, the man is a clueless idiot who doesn't know that the woman he should be with is the one
  • he is working with or
  • is the best friend of his fiance or
  • is the waitress
But the woman in question is clued in on this but is just making the man agonise a bit more.

--- OR ---

The man is a clueless idiot who is
  • pursuing a woman
  • going to marry her
  • seeing her casually
but the woman he should be with is the one
  • he is working with or
  • is the best friend of his fiance or
  • is the waitress
Yet the woman in question is clued in on this but is just making the man agonise a bit more.

Conclusion: If you see a film crew filming you, get out of whatever relationship you're in and bonk the waitress.
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8/13/2003 09:22:30 PM
Blog sampling
Matafilter is an experimental blog directory I invented focusing on Malaysian blog entries rather than on the blog or the blogger in which you are given a sample of the entry to decide whether you want to read the blog. The content of the directory is human-contributed, allowing for a filter of that elusive quality -- good taste.


Ironic, isn't it?

(Maybe I should change this blog's title to The Open Source Idea Library. It happens so often I might as well officially give permission for everyone to take stuff from it.)
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8/13/2003 04:35:04 PM
I haven't eaten anything in two days.

Day after tomorrow I'm going for a hypnosis session to help me deal with this habit of forgoing food while under stress. In three weeks, I want to be able to remain cheerful for my friends, colleagues and customers even through things aren't going right.
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8/9/2023 01:52:34 PM
You are a resident in Malaysia. When you read that a government official gets indicted on bribery/corruption charges, do you:

Feel all warm and mushy inside for a justice system that has proven once again that it really does work
Scratch your head and wonder who in the Prime Minister's office he forgot to send "coffee money" to
Scratch your butt and flip the page for some news
Ring the proscecutor to sell him a Merz before his "rich uncle from Sarawak" dies and "leaves him some money"
Panic and wonder if that sumbitch has mentioned your name yet
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8/7/2023 06:53:14 PM
Stockholm photos
I spent a few days in Stockholm before flying out. Not out of choice. It's one of the most expensive cities in the world, but I couldn't get an earlier flight out. It's nice in summer, though.

Arriving at the central train station in Stockholm.

This is Julien, a Canadian shoe salesman I met who is going on a round Europe trip to all the capital cities.

There's a dormitory on this boat. Do not stay there. It stinks like hell in summer. That black spot is from fungus that I found on my camera lens after staying on that boat.

Oh look, viking boat cruise!

Julien and I had dinner in the park. This is the shot from the TGIF in Stockholm. Yes, there's a TGIF in Stockholm.

Mod-Swedish apartments on the river.

Here's a shop that's a tribute to Swedish design. It sells all kinds of Swedish furniture. It looks like a warehouse out of the 60s. The owner is looking for distributors around the world. If you want, I can email you his phone number and address. He doesn't have an email address.
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8/7/2023 06:16:11 PM
Multi-level marketing techniques
Guys like Amway will do anything to get you in a room for 10 minutes. Now they've gone too far.

Earlier this week a potential website design client called me up to arrange for an evening meeting -- he was so busy that he could only meet me after another meeting which he was having at a hotel. Inspired by Bill who told me he was willing to go for evening meetings with clients as long as there was a hint of a job, I agreed to this one.

Lesson one: Don't listen to any kind of garbage Bill spouts.

I ended up in a three freaking hour session with a bunch of people dressed in uniform black Indian-collar suits that they used like overalls, allowing them to do away with wearing ties and putting on a clean shirt, and they were trying to sell me a bottle of something called Nutriyuck that was a concoction of dried rice, dried wheat and dried spirulea (a kind of plant that I'd read is used as a natural penicillin).

Please, God, please, let there be a job at the end of this.

I couldn't understand a thing they were saying because it was all in Malay.

Please, God, please, let there be a job at the end of this.

They served a meal with cold dry rice, cold vegetables and some greasy meat dishes that I had to avoid by pretending to be vegetarian.

Please, God, please, let there be a job at the end of this.

When it ended, there was a job at the end of it -- but they wanted it for RM50.

Bill is having a dinner date with an axe.
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8/5/2023 10:58:45 AM
After I'd spent a week in Finland, I took the plane ride I got as a package from KLM to Stockholm to visit my friend Erika whom I'd met while travelling. She was on a summer break in the countryside near a town called Strangnas, an hour and fifteen minute train ride from Stockholm.

The view from the back of Erika's cottage which she borrowed from a cousin. We had a pet bat here which Erika named Hugo.

Erika making dinner. Always cooking.

The view of the lake. There's a pier at the end of the path on the left down the hill. We spent days sitting on the pier, sunbathing, reading and swimming. I wish I had a photo of that pier.

The view of the lake at 10pm. Stunning.

More stunning. Erika, being camera-shy.
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8/3/2023 09:21:54 PM
The price of ego

Now, many people have a love-hate relationship with their blog, but with these three individuals, there's way too much of one.

Yup, those are actually namecards made for bloggers with the blog url and the blog email address and even the blog slogan. This might be a fascinating new market catering for the ego-bound, but geezus, some people have taken it a bit too far.

I had a friend of mine, David, who does printing work and I asked him to evaluate them.

David says,

These are very nicely done namecards all done on matt art card.

The more fascinating one is the one for Alphaque.com. This is a four-colour printing job with a special silver ink. This makes it the most costly of all. No printer I know would have done it for less than five boxes of 100 cards each.

The same thing goes for the one for aizuddindanian.com. This one is a double-sided two-colour print. It's not done on red card, as you can see from the reverse side that it is a white card. It's really a huge reverse-red print job. This would have been costly, but not as much as the first card.

The last one, jeffooi.com is the cheapest of all. It's a single colour black print. It shows the owner is far more money conscious than the other two. He would have been able to afford ten boxes at a time and it's quite likely that he did. 1,000 cards.

Offhand I'd say that alphaque.com broke the bank at RM300 for about five boxes. One does not print cards like these in small quantities. It's more likely that he spent something closer to RM500. Most printers I know would have scammed him big-time.

Aizuddindanian.com spent a striking RM200 at the very least, for about five boxes too. This is a relatively simpler print.

Although jeffooi.com is the cheapest per box, he probably printed the standard 10 boxes at a whopping RM200 to reduce the cost per box.

This wasn't cheap at all especially when they're personal cards and not business cards. And even then, very very very few businessmen would have spent so much on their cards.

I hear the MCA and MIC need more funding. Now you know who they should ask.
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