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  • Jan 2003 - Came back. Lots of problems with the server.

  • Feb 2003 - Got a few new clients. Still lots of problems with the server.

  • Mar 2003 - Company website went live. Ironing out kinks.

  • April 2003 -

  • May 2003 - Invented face-to-face blogger meetings in Malaysia. Started calling people to go out.

  • June 2003 -

  • July 2003 - In Finland to attend Mark's wedding.


  • Jan 2002 - Waiting to get fired.

  • Feb 2002 - Got fired. Went to Mumbai, India, over the Chinese New Year.

  • Mar 2002 - A quiet month as I prepare to leave my job.

  • Apr 2002 - Freedom, at last!

  • May 2002 - Failed to get a US visa. Trip cancelled.

  • Jun 2002 - Made a trip to Bangkok by rail to look for Roy. Ended up on Koh Samui again.

  • Jul 2002 - Be vewy vewy quiet. We're hunting wabbits.

  • Aug 2002 - Slow month. Am I complaining? Nooooo.

  • Sep 2002 - Shortly after I redesigned the blog, I started Getting serious about web design, perhaps as revenue too.

  • Oct 2002 - Mitch and Rebeca came from Ottawa to visit!

  • Nov 2002 - Thinking about starting a host company.

  • Dec 2002 - Went on one final holiday to Thailand.


  • Jan 2001 - I discover blogging while at Bournemouth University.

  • Feb 2001 - The fun month as I experiment with web interactivity and javascripts. As I mine my lessons in web design, I become creative, inventing the "10 Questions" thing.

  • Mar 2001 - My dissertation becomes due and I go really really quiet. I spend most of my time avoiding my lecturers and hiding away in my room.

  • Apr 2001 - It comes to a head and my lecturers threaten me and give me one last chance. It works.

  • May 2001 - It's summer in Bournemouth. Just a young lad and his new digital camera. Dissertation completed. It's just a matter of waiting for graduation.

  • Jun 2001 - Europe trip through Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and London.

  • July 2001 - Back in Malaysia. I rediscover Kuala Lumpur with my digital camera.

  • Aug 2001 - I join Ogilvy and Mather Advertising.

  • Sep 2001 - I'm enjoying the work. It's hectic, though. Shalini, the new creative group head appears. And that's when my troubles at work begin.

  • Oct 2001 - Work starts to get really bad. Self-doubt sets in. I make a trip to the ancient town of Malacca on a long weekend.

  • Nov 2001 - Work becomes really difficult and I go sullen on the blog again. I plan for an India trip.

  • Dec 2001 - Trip to Koh Samui, Thailand. Discovered Thong Ban Krut village, the last hideaway on an over-touristed island.