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Tuesday November 23


I rarely feel lonely, despite being alone practically all the time. But I was reminded that that was how I felt today.

The girl I spent the weekend with hasn't replied to me in two days. And today I saw a young woman who looked like how I felt. She was obviously having a bad day. She was slouched into her seat at the cafe. Her face had the pallor of forced apathy. And her ashtray was full.

I wanted to reach out, touch her and ask her about her day. But I didn't know whether she wanted to be alone. When I feel like her, I just don't want to be alone. But that's not something you do here.


i think that i’m use to being alone.  it’s sad.  i’ve never really had someone to be with.. i mean, i have friends.. family.. but not a speacial someone… so, i really wouldn’t know how it feels to not have them.. yeah, i’m not making sense.  anyways, feel better and email me if you need someone to chat with… even though i’m not the most talkative person in the world.  have a good thanksgiving week.

Posted by: Mar on Nov 24, 04 | 7:12 am
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