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RSS2HTML - Converts RSS to HTML

There are a few sites out there that convert RSS into a javascript that you can use to display the feed on your site. This one does it almost directly into HTML. Kind of like RSSdigest. It's a very nice and handy tool. But the results are not very customisable as the layout is fully furnished in the feed generation process.

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You probably realize this already, but RSS Digest will go into Javascript or HTML, your choice.

Posted by Peter Cooper on May 16, 05 | 12:04 am Permalink

Sorry Peter, that wasn’t clear to me. Thanks for correcting me!

Posted by Tim on May 16, 05 | 12:08 am Permalink

Quick response! Ah, I thought I’d seen you link to RSS Digest before, perhaps not :-) Thanks though!

Just to clarify, RSS Digest will take (almost) any RSS or Atom feed and let you format it how you want (you can change all the HTML template if you like) then call it up either with a bit of JavaScript, a PHP include, an IFRAME, etc.. The forthcoming RSS Digest 3 is a massive change though, and lets you mix feeds together, place conditions on which items to show, etc.. but isn’t out till June :)

Posted by Peter Cooper on May 16, 05 | 12:18 am Permalink

Ah, I see. It can go into an iframe so that those using non-php hosting like Blogspot can use it without javascript too. Nice!

I’m looking forward to the update of RSSDigest in June!

Posted by Tim on May 16, 05 | 7:47 pm Permalink
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