Saturday May 14

Amazon can target RSS subscribers with personalised marketing, but they don't

One of the complaints from marketers about RSS feeds is that subscribers are virtually anonymous. They say that email subscribers are not and can be targeted on a personal level. How is this possible when anyone can create anonymous email accounts on Hotmail, Yahoo and newsletter recipient accounts on Bloglines in less than two minutes?

Syndicateiq proposes that it is possible with wishlists like the ones that offers. With three new RSS services, Amazon can find out more about its subscribers and will be able to target them based on their tastes in products. is a creation of Amazon that lets people track the favourite products by keywords and prices. is a service that lets you generate searches of Amazon into RSS feeds. And Walter Higgins at hosts a javascript that creates an RSS feed of your Amazon wishlist. Using these three tools, Amazon can take advantage of the valuable data that their customers tell it about themselves. It can for example, target these RSS subscribers with upsell suggestions or suggestions of alternative products like it does on its website. Or it can sell ads in the RSS feeds to third parties based on the selection of products in the feed. No shopping channel I can think of has opportunities like these.

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