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Wednesday September 01

Back in KL

We got back to KL on Monday night, in time for the Malaysian National Day. There was a party, of course. But it wasn't the usual party of foreigners. Alex knew of one in Brickfields, but as well-meaning as Alex is, we really shouldn't trust his judgement of these things.

We ended up at an apartment with a great view of the city, but the old Post Office building obscured the National Day fireworks. And the party was boring -- the guests were mostly local Malaysians and they are crap at parties. We entered a living room filled with these idiots sitting around and none of them wanted to mix with the foreigners whereas we were all working the room. We left the Malaysians alone.

I was too tired -- and I ended up sitting around after midnight. The barbecue on the last night we had at Cherating was filled with silence. We were all really tired out because we had been having vodka dreams every night that only started after 2am.


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