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Thu Jun 17, 2023

Recovering Your Weblogs.com Site

Useful tips on recovering data from your weblogs.com site, but the methods apply to any host that has crashed.


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Thanks to an invite from Mitch, I'm on Gmail. One thing I noticed immediately was that Gmail doesn't allow importing of email from other mail systems to create a centralised email depository. Gmail is precisely perfect for that with its huge storage space. Only Yahoo Mail can do that and it has just upgraded the storage to 100mb. Yahoo is still superior in this instance... at least until Gmail starts allowing import.

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Metafilter contacts

Matt Haughey of Metafilter has started a networks system. You can set up a contact page to link to other Metafilter members (see mine). But if you want to link to another member's page, you have to go to their membership page (here's mine) to add them. But this link is not on their contacts page.

The membership page and the contact page are two separate pages and are not interlinked right now. They should be and I hope this will be fixed.

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Wed Jun 16, 2023

Dave Winer speaks

One thing is gratifying, the weblogs.com users have uniformly been patient, supportive, gracious, and just plain nice. The people who are behaving badly are people on the sidelines. This is a great community, I've been serving them for four years for free, and surprise, most of them get that and appreciate it. We'll get through this, it's just a corner-turn, we've done lots of them in the past. And when it's all over we'll be friends, I hope.

A well done post from Dave Winer about the sudden stoppage of free hosting at weblogs.com. I sympathise with the guy. Although he has tried to be professional, his was not a professional service -- he got nothing out of it. And he deserves not to get treated like a pariah.


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XHTML Semantic Validator

The XHTML Semantic Validator is a system designed to help developers prototype and test URL's to ensure they contain basic accessibility and usability features present in modern web technologies, and automatically implement them if possible.

I haven't given this site a thorough testing yet, but it managed to find a couple of ways to optimise this site. Not that it would be hard to point out with the trashy code I had to bash up...


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Tue Jun 15, 2023


A small database of high quality images and textures for free personal and commercial use. Problem is: no images of humans. That's the one thing I find really hard to get for free.


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Pheedo is an Online Ad Network focused on high quality weblog sites with targeted content and RSS feeds.

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Yahoo Upgrades Email to Compete with Google's Gmail

Users of Yahoo's free email service now have 100 megabytes of free storage, expanded from 6 megabytes previously. Maximum message size has been increased to 10 megabytes, allowing users to send much larger attachments, including photos and multimedia files.

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Mon Jun 14, 2023

The real reason you should care about web standards

Generally speaking, standards are a means to apply pressure on corporations to behave in a manner that is beneficial to everyone, not just the shareholders of the corporation.

This article argues that we don't have standards compliance in browsers because all the companies like Microsoft had to compete with each other by introducing proprietary features in order to gain strategic advantage. Standards compliance forces them to stop that sort of selfish behaviour because it's screwing up a lot of people (designers and businesses with websites).


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An extremely well-done (and well designed) scribble pad in javascript that lets you doodle by mouse or trackpad and save the drawing.


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Web colour reference card

Someone made a reference card for colours in browsers. This of course is a complete waste of money. I don't know who the 25,000 people whom the website claimed bought the card, but they are all dumbasses.

Colour printed on paper does not look like colour on the monitor. Even then, it also depends on the TYPE of paper printed. But whatever choice you make, it will still never look exactly like monitor colour. Also, you have to ask yourself what monitor you're thinking of. PC monitor colours will be different from Mac monitor colours. Dumbasses.


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War posters

An anonymous group/person made some Iraq-war posters parodying Apple's iPod posters and put them up in Los Angeles. The text at the bottom of each poster reads "10,000 Iraqis killed. 773 soldiers dead." Lays no blame: very neutral stance on the war. But one of the posters does include an image from Abu Ghraib.


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