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Monday September 13


I'd switch to Bloglines immediately to read my RSS feeds, but they don't let you import OPML. That's a massive weakness that deters switchers like myself who have a large list of feeds on other feedreaders and can't be arsed to copy-and-paste everything again.


UPDATE: Ok, spoke too soon. I found the import section. My only complaint now is: the import function is in an obccure location under a term called "Edit" in the "My feeds" section. Why, I don't know.

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Letterhead Fonts: Tips

Brilliant tutorials on how to achieve various font effects. Too bad they aren't for Photoshop. That's the only software I have.


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Sunday September 12

Terrible date

I had a terrible date last night. I went into the city and blew RM220 (USD60) on two tickets to the Philharmonic Theatre to watch the Scala Orchestra from Italy. And she didn't even turn up on time, so we missed the whole performance because the doors were closed. I would have refused to let her pay for the tickets of course, but she didn't even ask how much they were. A little gesture would have made me feel much better about it. And in the end, I had to give her RM50 (USD12) for the taxi ride back to her home. My life sucks.

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Friday September 10


Was watching a movie called Anaconda: Hunt for the Black Orchid starring Johnny Messner (the Marine from Spartan). It looked like it was shot in Thailand. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it. But it's supposed to be set in East Malaysia. Its was really odd to see the attempts at details in the Malaysian language and Malaysian geography. The first thing that threw me off was the neon sign for the "Minuman Bir" (beer bar) in the third scene because you can't have beer bars in a Muslim country. It also kept throwing me off that the characters were trying to reach a town called "Kota Bahru" on the river because the real Kota Bahru is about 500 miles and an ocean away from where they were.

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Free CliffsNotes

CliffNotes is offering free viewing of its books online. I wish they had more poets.


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Wednesday September 08


A very interesting email penpal service. It's the first non-charity, adult email penpal service when you search for "email penpal" in Google. The others I found were mainly for kids or were done by charities for special children or under-privileged children. It's also free. I used it for two days and a penpal from the US and a penpal from Finland contacted me after reading my profile. Nice.

Also interesting to note: the number of women users out-numbers the number of men users by 2-to-1.


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An interesting online news aggregator that gathers headlines from all the usual suspect media websites -- with a twist.

Incoming news is automatically scanned for "names" allowing for charting, achieving and email alerts by name, showing you who's hot and who's last weeks news.


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Mozilla/Firefox: Javascript Console In Sidebar

Very nice tool! Great for debugging a website.

Loading a javascript console in sidebar

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Tuesday September 07


A comprehensive personals software in PHP.


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Best of Ask Metafilter Wiki

What we need really is a "Best of Ask Metafilter" blog with an RSS feed. Instead, what we get is a wiki WITHOUT an RSS feed. And despite being a wiki, the main author is supposed to be Adrian Hon. What gives? Someone really needs to start a blog for that. *HINT* *HINT*


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Monday September 06

Color Palette Generator

When you upload an image to this script (png, gif, jpg), it will study the image and generate a colour palette of the dominant colours in the image. Nice.

Color Palette Generator

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Sunday September 05

Ironic: Spammers embrace email authentication

Measures to help reduce email abuse is being taken up by the abusers in order to bypass the measures and abuse us further.

Spammers embrace email authentication

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KL Web Standards Meetup Group

I am the new Meetup.com Web Standards Group organiser for Malaysia.


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