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You don't need to use the Keyword window to add keywords in iPhoto 08. If you type a new keyword into the keyword field ..
The new "instant alpha" feature of Keynote '08 (as well as the other iWork '08 apps) can be used to make transparent bac..
Often times I'm in Terminal and I recall a command using the up-arrow. I then want to delete a portion of this command a..
When formatting an external drive which will be shared by a number of users, it is worth considering whether to use UFS ..
So you've bought a new Mac, but your old Mac is up-to-date with the latest software updates from Apple. Or you're doing ..
I was having some trouble with my Mac's infrared remote, and I thought maybe its battery had died -- but I wasn't sure h..
Disclaimer: The following is a highly technical hint. Summary: This hint is for Network Engineers who want their firewal..
For a long time I've really liked that you can drag files from the finder (or elsewhere) to a Terminal window, where the..
I wanted to use the QuickTime "Image Sequence" feature to make rapid MPG movie out of a folder of JPGs. The problem was ..
Pages allows you to merge data from multiple contacts from the Address Book, but the merged data is used to create multi..
The macosxhints Rating: [Score: 10 out of 10] Developer: codepoetry / Product page Price: Free CUPS-PDF is a free littl..
Many will find that when selecting a number of images greater than 99, control-clicking and choosing Slideshow will resu..
A few days ago I read this hint about using .Mac's new Personal Domain feature with other than iWeb-created sites. While..
To learn my new students' names each semester, I have always created electronic flash cards using SplashPhoto on a Palm ..
One of the oversight's on the iPhone is the lack of a search feature in many areas -- email and contacts, for instance. ..

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iPhoto HTML export, templates, better setting control
reader for the LIT ebook format
developer's text editor
mathematical modeling software
create digital records of people, places & time
batch download YouTube files wih optional conversion
snapshot, movie, time lapse, motion detection, webcam tool for iSight
SQL database server software
Retecasa is a real estate extranet multi-language platform realized with GWT, PHP 5, and ADOdb. It supports MySQL, Post..
personal finance software helps people take control of their spending
make a 1-button mouse work like a 2-button
run Windows simultaneously with OS X
Rats! is a parser generator for C-like languages (though currently it only generates parsers in Java). It has been desi..
MoreAmp is an audio player, transcoder, and CD ripper for Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, Windows, Unix, and Linux. It plays and cr..
casual arcade game

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Filed under: Features , TUAW Business , Weekend Review Welcome to this week's installment of TUAW best of the week, whe..
Filed under: Software , iPhone , iPhone 101 As Mat posted , Michael Simmons of Ambrosia SW dropped us a note yesterday ..
My Money Minder 1.9.6 ($13) way to manage your personal finances! It allows you to easily keep track of all your expense..
Ambrosia Software has released iToner 1.0, a new tool that lets users put custom ringtones on the iPhone without hacking..
MoneyWell is a new piece of software from No Thirst Software that helps people take control of their spending. The tool ..
Frederic Descamps has released Dream Recorder, a sleep monitoring tool that detects body motions with night vision proce..
Apple is offering reconditioned products via its online store from nearly every corner of its Mac business. Refurbished ..
Native Instruments today released Traktor Scratch 1.1, a free update to its new digital DJ system. Traktor Scratch 1.1 m..
Apimac has released Caller ID, a shareware application for Mac OS X that works in the background and provides a visual a..
JVC on Friday released the world's first rewritable disc to feature dual layers on a single side, mimicking some movie D..
Toyota on Friday released an iPod Integration Kit that works in all current Toyota and Lexus models. The kit, first anno..
Overseas internet service provider iiNet today launched the first ever technical support line dedicated to Mac users in ..
In the wake of NBC's announcement that it plans to pull its content from the iTunes Store and Apple's subsequent announc..
Archos is about to ship the Archos 105, the music-oriented device in its fifth-generation player line. The 2GB device is..
Filed under: Software , Hacks , Mods , iPhone Things go fast in the iPhone world. Yesterday, I posted about Nate True's..

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Western Digital 160 GB Passport External Hard Drive Price: $110.00 Bids: Time Listed: Sep-01�03:36
Western Digital 160 GB Passport External Hard Drive Price: $110.00 Bids: Time Listed: Sep-01�03:36
New 8GB High Speed Fast USB 2.0 Flash Memory Jump Drive Price: $0.99 $49.95 Bids: - Time Listed: Sep-01�03:33
New USB/PS2 Wireless Optical Mouse Cordless Stylish WoW Price: $7.50 $9.50 Bids: - Time Listed: Sep-01�03:31
Adobe PhotoDeluxe 3.0 NEW No Reserve Price: $16.99 $19.99 Bids: - Time Listed: Sep-01�03:30
Lexmark Disney Edition Z618 InkJet Printer Price: $14.99 Bids: - Time Listed: Sep-01�03:29
Apple Macbook Pro 17" Screen .. FREE SHIPPING Price: $1,500.00 Bids: - Time Listed: Sep-01�03:26
FREE SATELLITE TV ON YOUR PC / LAPTOP! 5000+CHANNELS! Price: $2.99 Bids: Time Listed: Sep-01�03:26
Apple Cinema 20 inch LCD Monitor PERFECT CONDITION!!! Price: $100.00 $450.00 Bids: - Time Listed: Sep-01�03:25
FREE SATELLITE TV ON YOUR PC / LAPTOP! 5000+CHANNELS! Price: $2.99 Bids: Time Listed: Sep-01�03:25
FREE SATELLITE TV ON YOUR PC / LAPTOP! 5000+CHANNELS! Price: $2.99 Bids: Time Listed: Sep-01�03:24
6FT USB 2.0 A MALE TO MINI B 5-PIN MALE CABLE 6FT V3 A8 Price: $2.70 Bids: Time Listed: Sep-01�01:32
Intel Giles Deacon designed Laptop!! Price: $2,000.00 Bids: Time Listed: Sep-01�01:30
Color Laser Printer - Samsung CLP-550 N Price: $1.00 $100.00 Bids: - Time Listed: Sep-01�01:29
Intuit TurboTax 2006 Deluxe Turbo Tax Federal & State Price: $7.99 Bids: Time Listed: Sep-01�01:29