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Thu Apr 15, 2023

TV Commercial Idea #2

This is a simple idea that brings something refreshing to an otherwise tired and cliched category.

The commercial opens up on a cute little ant who finds a penny on a pavement. He crawls underneath and with Herculean effort, he lifts it up and crawls away with it. We see the penny moving along a driveway, underneath the front door of a house, along a corridor and finally into a little boy's bedroom.

The ant carries the penny (don't ask us about the physics of this!) up the wall and over a bedside table with a piggy bank on it. The ant then hefts up the penny and drops it into the slot of the piggy bank. Mission accomplished! The ant then goes back out on the pavement in seach of another penny.

The VOICEOVER: If you don't look after your family's finances in your life time, don't worry. You can in your next life.

As the ant finds another penny and lifts it up, a human foot accidently comes down on the penny, squishing the ant underneath it.

The VOICEOVER: ... oooooooorrrr not.

The TEXT: GE Life Insurance. Protect your family now, laugh later.

It has that aw-shucks quality (at first) and then that sadistic twist that will have the audience completely aghast at how we could kill off the cute widdle ant. Muhahahahahahah!

This idea was rejected because I live in a muslim country and muslims don't believe in re-incarnation. (Although they do admittedly understand the concept of re-incarnation... stupid client!)

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now that was an interesting one :)

Posted by: Mariela on May 07, 04

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