Monday March 28

Stay out of family feuds

It could have been a beautiful love story. A handsome man, a pretty wife and a tragic end. But at some point it turned from Romeo and Juliet to the Montagues and Capulets. In the fight between Michael Schiavo, a man who loved his wife, and the Schindlers, two parents who loved their daughter, it would seem those two loves cannot co-exist. So it quickly devolved into the oldest, most senseless kind of dispute -- the family feud.

In a recent poll of ten Americans, ten out of ten Americans said when faced with a family feud, they would 'Stay the heck out of it'. Which makes perfect common sense. You really shouldn't stick your nose in another family's business.

Which is exactly why the court should also not get involved in the Michael Jackson case. Didn't you see the videos? The boy clearly called Michael 'Uncle Mike'. So shouldn't we all just give Uncle Mike and the rest of his family the privacy to resolve this matter on their own?

Sure, Uncle Mike gave the kid a little wine. I mean who didn't experiment with a little imbibing when they were kids. It didn't mean that Uncle Mike wanted to molest the kid. It might have meant he wanted to beat him at marbles.

'It's your turn, little Gavin.'
'Hey look, I hit yours!'
'No you didn't little Gavin. You missed.'
'Oh pooh.'
'Now take off your shirt and let Uncle Mike feel those nipples.'

(Don't read anything into this post except that the author is feeling nuts today. And it's a slow news day.)

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