Sunday May 08

Using social bookmarking sites as traffic drivers and link trackers

Here's a really good traffic driving technique that not enough people take advantage of. I'll use as an example. lets you share links to your favourite websites with other users. It's also a great way to introduce your own content to other users of and get their notice. All you have to do is login to, bookmark your article and tag it. New bookmarks automatically get displayed on the home page for all to see. Once you bookmark your own article, will tell you when other users bookmark it and who is bookmarking it. I've been using it to introduce and track my articles and it works brilliantly.

The important thing is to be quite accurate with the tags and the page title you use. People will use them as cues to decide whether your article is relevant to them. Ulises Ali Mejias has recently written a really good document about tags and how to choose them.

What I'm looking for now is a multiple-service bookmarklet that will post to several social tagging services including, frassle, and at the same time. Now that would be a killer tool to have for blog marketing.

UPDATE: Cheers to Dave Martland for pointing out Alan Levine's really cool multi-bookmarking service bookmarklet. It's exactly what's needed for blog promotion via social bookmarking sites.


Try for a multi system bookmarking tool. I don’t know if it works, and you may need to adapt it for your sites.


Posted by Dave on May 08, 05 | 4:37 pm

It’s brilliant! Thanks for calling it my attention. At least it works with both and furl and a few more besides. Here’s hoping the authors update the bookmark maker.

Posted by Tim on May 08, 05 | 5:16 pm
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